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Mandolin Cafe Launches CBA Scholarship Fundraiser

By Mandolin Cafe
November 2, 2009 - 10:00 am

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California Bluegrass Association

California Bluegrass Association

Lawrence, Kans. — Each year the Mandolin Cafe selects a worthy cause within the mandolin community and lends their support and invites its visitors and members to participate.

This year the California Bluegrass Association is hosting their first Winter Music Camp, February 15-18, 2010, and find themselves lacking scholarship funds while in possession of a waiting list of worthy students from low income families in need of assistance.

Approximately $1,500 is needed to fulfill the camp's scholarship needs, and all funds will serve young mandolin students. Leading this effort, the Mandolin Cafe is donating $300 to help launch the drive.

Contributions to the California Bluegrass Association are tax-deductible due to their non-profit status, but must be made directly to them by check to qualify. Donations are also accepted online through the Mandolin Cafe but are not eligible for the deduction. As with all donations, please check with the tax laws in your state to be sure your donation qualifies as tax deductible.

Mandolin instructors at this first CBA Winter Music Camp will include John Reischman, Roland White and Dix Bruce.

Mandolin Cafe led fundraisers in the past have been held for Butch Baldassari and his family during his battle with cancer, the Cool Mandolin Company and California Bluegrass Association Mandolins for Kids programs, scholarships for the Mandolin Symposium and support of special programs managed by the Plucked String, Inc. Foundation, and many others.

Contributors will be listed on the Cafe's fundraiser page and a link will be provided to their web site if desired.

Tax Deductible Donations

Contributions to the California Bluegrass Association are tax-deductible due to their non-profit status, but contributions must be made directly to them by check to qualify.

Make check payable to: California Bluegrass Association CBA Winter Camp Scholarship Fund.

Then mail your check to:

Ed Alston
CBA Treasurer
P.O. Box 6954
Santa Maria, CA 93456

Additional information:
CBA Winter Music Camp


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Reader Comments

Scott Tichenor
February 14, 2010 10:11 AM
I'd like to publicly thank all of our visitors and members that donated to this good cause. You may have forgotten about this, but we haven't! Back when we launched this in early November we rapidly raised $2,000 that is going towards scholarships for talented young musicians so that they can attend this camp. CBA has always been very generous with funding their camps but this is the first year for this Winter event and it strained their budget a bit, but the Cafe's members and visitors came through and made it happen.

Tomorrow the camp opens and some very fortunate and thankful young musicians will get getting a chance to learn from the likes of John Reischman, Roland White and Dix Bruce.

Thank you!
Scott Tichenor
February 14, 2010 11:59 AM
More information. Here's a bit about the participants that received scholarship assistance. Since they're all under the age of 18 I'm not publishing names, just initials. This is from my contact with CBA:

D.T., 15. His letter of request this year said, "My name is , and I love to play the mandolin and love bluegrass in general. At the Grass Valley Camp, you were very kind and generous and gave me a scholarship to the camp because I love bluegrass so much, and I really appreciate that. The problem is that my parents can't afford the winter camp coming up, and I am hoping that for this camp I could get a scholarship like I did last summer. I really love bluegrass and it would be great for me to go to another great camp and have lots of fun like I did last year. If you do consider I will be overjoyed."

H.P, 17, who wrote "I'm a 17-year-old student who is passionate about bluegrass music and would love the opportunity to attend this camp and receive good mandolin instruction."

C.F., 9, who I didn't get a letter from, just talked to his mom.

I will ask all these three kids to write something for me after camp (camp is this week, starts tomorrow) and I'll get that to you.
Scott Tichenor
February 26, 2010 07:13 AM
Here's a note forwarded to one of the organizers for the CBA's Winter Bluegrass Camp that just passed. When our membership donates to these causes, there are most definitely real kids involved who get to experience a wonderful opportunity that otherwise might pass their way. Just posting part of the email, this from a parent:

Dear Ingrid,

Orrin and I thoroughly enjoyed that final concert at Winter Camp. We are very grateful, as are Marshall and David, that you and the CBA allowed them to attend this camp with full scholarships. When the twins performed, we could instantly see improvement in both of them. It was obvious how much fun everybody had/was still having together and what a wonderful opportunity this was to grow musically. The location was beautiful.
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