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Thread: International Violin F5 Kit Questions

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    Default International Violin F5 Kit Questions

    Hey everyone,

    I am tabling my "from scratch" build for a bit while I figure out how to get some better power tools. So, I went ahead and got the International Violin F5 kit.

    I have a few questions for those who have built these on how to proceed.

    My understanding of the process is:

    1. Graduate the soundboard and do some initial tap tuning
    2. Veneer headstock and inlay headstock
    3. Fit the neck
    4. Fit the back
    5. Cut the binding channel for the back.
    7. Bind
    7. Final voicing and finish

    Am I missing anything here?

    Second, how on earth am I going to graduate the soundboard when the sides are already attached? Do you guys just use sandpaper and long gauges? It seems to thin already to chisel.


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    Default Re: International Violin F5 Kit Questions

    I canít comment on the IV kit, but, I would get a good set of plans with graduations for the top and back. You would need to buy a caliper or fabricate some way to measure the graduations. Also a good finger plane is a must have.

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