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Mandolin Mondays #278 w/ Special Guest Ian Coury

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Brazilian mandolin prodigy Ian Coury brings us a mind-bending performance on this Brazilian Choro classic "Corta Jaca" played on his powerful 10-string mandolin built by Tércio Ribeiro.

Ian was born in Brazil on February 4, 2002, and started playing mandolin when he was 8 years old. At the age of 11, he took the stage with Hamilton de Holanda, his idol. At 12, he made his first solo show at the renowned Clube do Choro in Brasilia, with a crowded house. Public and critical success. That same year he took the stage with Armandinho Macedo.

Today, at the age of 19, he's already been recognized by the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, Arts, History, and Literature, Chamber of Deputies of Brazil, and Magazine of Choro. In his curriculum, he also participated in courses such as "Global Strings Intensive" and "Summer Five Week," both by Berklee College of Music located in Boston. He's also participated in festivals and international conferences.

Here's a quote from Ian about the tune and mandolin in this video, "I recorded this song "Corta Jaca'' by Chiquinha Gonzaga, who is one of the first and most influential Choro composers in Brazil. "Corta Jaca" is a classic in the repertoire of Brazilian instrumental music.

This mandolin I'm playing in the video is a 10-string mandolin by the Brazilian luthier Tércio Ribeiro, who is from Rio de Janeiro. This instrument because it has a lower pair of strings (the lower C) allows me to do the polyphony by playing everything at the same time as the harmony, bass, melody and rhythm. In addition, it brings me more possibilities to make harmony. It is an instrument that has little time in the history and development of this polyphonic technique that was started by the Brazilian mandolin player Hamilton de Holanda."

And be sure to connect with Ian at the following links below for more information about his music:

And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then...

Happy Picking!

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  1. cayuga red's Avatar
    Great talent and great joy in making music!! Already made my day.
  2. vetus scotia's Avatar
    I always love hearing Brazilian instruments and Choro pieces on Mandolin Mondays, and this was no exception. Fantastic. What a way to start the week!
  3. DougC's Avatar
    I wish all mandolin players would have as much skill and fun in sharing the music as Ian.
  4. lukmanohnz's Avatar
    That made my day. My week. My month. Hell, that’s gonna take me through most of 2021. THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT!!!!!
  5. Michael Romkey's Avatar
    Yeow! Really comprehensive approach. Love it.
  6. BrianWilliam's Avatar
  7. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Great tune! Great playing! Great joy! Thank you for sharing!
  8. Larry Howe's Avatar
  9. Joe Bartl's Avatar
    One of the unique abilities of Brazilian mandolinists seems to be that they can smile and play their instrument simultaneously! But, smiling or not, what a great musician! Thanks.
  10. greenoak's Avatar
    Oh my! Fantastic!
  11. Fretbear's Avatar
    Another monster player named "Coury"......
  12. Alfons's Avatar
    Beautiful - thanks for sharing such happiness!
  13. CES's Avatar
  14. Paul Statman's Avatar