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How do I find the latest files?

On the TablEdit Search page select the 'Sort Critieria' of 'Date Created' and the 'Sort Order' of "Descedning'

I own the TableEdit software-lifetime, but when I download a file it yields only gobbledygook?

The new release of TablEdit (version 3) is not compatible with older versions of the software. If you are registered user, upgrade your software. If you are using the viewer, download a new copy of the viewer from the TablEdit site (


The TablEdit files housed here originally appeared on Mandozine courtesy of the programming and maintenance efforts of Larry Tanner and dozens of dedicated transcribers. After John Baxter, the founder of Mandozine passed, the site was off-line for extended periods of time and the search and administrative tools stopping working for several years.

New programming tools built by Larry were created and the files were relaunched here February, 2021 with over 300 new records since. In addition, a massive overhaul the database records has occured and the collection continues to grow once again.

Further questions about this resource or contributions can be made by getting in touch with Larry through his Forum account.