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Modes Made Easy

Niles Hokkanen is a talented mandolinist and journalist and publisher of the now defunct Mandocrucian Digest. Those weathered mandolin journals in newspaper format from a few years back are still a popular item around my house. He also has a wide variety of related publications of interest to mandolin players willing to expand their talents.

Niles Hokkanen can also be contacted at:

Mandocrucian's Digest
PO Box 3585
Winchester, VA 22604

The Modes Made Easy

The modes are really nothing mysterious. They are formed from major or minor (or other) scales, using a different pitch other than the keynote as the starting/stopping point. Modes are to scales what inversions are to chords. That's one way of thinking of them; another is to think of them as alterations of either the major or minor scales.

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