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Marla Fibish & Jimmy Crowley - The Morning Star
By Mandolin Cafe
May 1, 2011 - 5:45 pm

Marla Fibish & Jimmy Crowley - The Morning Star

Marla Fibish & Jimmy Crowley - The Morning Star

The Morning Star is a new mandolin-family recording of Irish music by the Bay Area's Marla Fibish and Ireland's prominent instrumentalist (and vocalist) Jimmy Crowley.

The recording is made up entirely of instrumental duets performed on mandolin, mandola, mandocello, bouzouki and dordán (a big bass bouzouki).

"The project was hatched over an evening of playing tunes together at my house in Oakland, CA on one of Jimmy's infrequent trips through the Bay Area in November, 2009," said Marla Fibish.

"We had such a good time playing together, and so enjoyed the sound of our instruments together, we decided to make a recording. The idea was to completely indulge our shared love for mandolin-family instruments and create what we think is a truly unique project – all instrumental (a departure for Jimmy), all double-strung instruments, all Irish music. We included a wide array of types of tunes, as well as just a few of our own compositions.

"It was recorded in three days in April 2010, on Jimmy's next visit to the bay. He brought his bouzouki, his dordán and his mandolin. We borrowed a mandocello.

"It is a true collaboration — each of us bringing tunes that we have long held dear, each of us bringing ideas for arranging and presenting the music, each of us getting surprised by the results of our collaboration."

The Humours of Bandon/A Fig For a Kiss/The Dusty Miller
The Morning Star/ Trip to Cullenstown/Good Morning To Your Nightcap
Eleanor Plunkett
Farewell to Whisky/Jenny Lind/Parnell's March
Jenny and the Weaver
The Rocky Road To Dublin/Comb Your Hair and Curl It/The New Mown Meadow
Sliabh Geal gCua Na Féile
The Adelphian Waltz/The Gneeveguilla
The Saucy Polka
The Dunedin Jig/Honeymoon Island

For students of Irish music, Fibish will on the staff of this year's Mandolin Symposium, held June 26 - July 1 at the University of Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz, California.

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