The Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra releases debut CD

By Alan Epstein
December 4, 2004 - 11:30 pm

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The March - Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra

The March - Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra

The Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra (PGHMO) proudly announces the release of their debut CD "The March." Founded by mandolinist Alan Epstein in the fall of 2002 with only a handful of players, the group has now grown to an orchestra using mandolin, mandola, mandocello, guitar and bass. The new CD, recorded by Don Maue and produced by Alan Epstein and Don Maue, features selections from the full orchestra as well as several duet and ensemble pieces.

PGHMO members playing on "The March" include:
Mandolin 1 - Alan Epstein, Dave Agnew, Mark Evans, Don Maue, Kirk Morrison
Mandolin 2 - Carol Palmer, Dragan Deni Kukich, Ron Lupish, Ray Ritchie
Mandola Bonnie Epstein, Craig Schaeffer, Dean Shumaker
Mandocello - Jack Stein
Guitar - Lisa Abrams, John Suhrie
Bass - Damian Helbling, Harry Flechtner

Duos #26 and #27 from 44 Duos
Pavane de la Belle au bois dormant
Dance of the Lunatics
Gymnopedie #1
Concerto in G Major Andante
Texas Fox Trot
Life in Antarctica
Little Rabbit
Blackberry Blossom

Label: self-release PGHMO-1
Released: November, 2004
Dave Agnew (412) 369-8717