Emando.com Reissues Heavy Metal Mandolin CD

By Mandolin Cafe
August 7, 2008 - 8:45 am

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Alex Gregory - 13 Jokes for Heavy Metal Mandolin

Alex Gregory - 13 Jokes for Heavy Metal Mandolin

Emando.com, the Web resource for electric mandolinists, has collaborated with electric mandolin virtuoso Maestro Alex Gregory to reissue his popular compact disc, 13 Jokes for Heavy Metal Mandolin. Emando.com is the executive producer for the reissued CD, released on the On Steroids! label.

"This is a seminal recording that establishes the electric mandolin as a viable lead instrument in a rock'n'roll setting," said Martin Stillion of Emando.com. "Alex is a supremely talented and dedicated player whose work deserves to be heard, and I'm proud to help make it available again." Originally released in 2000 and titled 12 Jokes for Heavy Metal Mandolin, the instrumental CD was the only mandolin recording cited in Guitar World's recent "50 Fastest Guitarists of All Time" cover story (July 2008). The reissue features a 13th track, "Bacholiniana," along with remastering and a new track sequence.

In the vein of instrumental rock recordings by guitarists such as Steve Vai or Joe Satriani, 13 Jokes features virtuosic lead playing by British-born Gregory, who holds a degree in composition from the University of Milan and was designated "Maestro" by Queen Elizabeth. Gregory plays vintage Fender Mandocasters as well as "Pentalins" of his own design. Backed up by Mark Craney on drums, Matt Bissonette on bass, and himself on rhythm mandolin and guitar, Gregory takes lead mandolin playing to places it's never been. You'll hear crosspicking, bends, arpeggios, and lightning-fast stratospheric licks, cranked up, distorted, and played with authority, humor, and panache.

"Don't be fooled by the title," said Stillion. 'Joke' is simply the English translation of the Italian musical term scherzo—an uptempo composition with a humorous feel. And you'll hear blues, classic rock and amped-up classical pieces as well as heavy metal. This CD should appeal to anyone interested in what a mandolin can do. It's a boundary-crossing instrument that can be at home in any type of popular music, and I think Alex offers emphatic proof of that."

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