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Plucked String Foundation, Inc. Seeks Support

By Norman Levine
April 23, 2007 - 10:45 am

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NOTE: since first learning of the Plucked String Foundation, Inc. approximately ten years ago, the Mandolin Cafe has been involved in and supported the efforts of the Foundation in providing financial support for a wide variety of mandolin related activities. The Foundation and the generous work they perform has been the spark for more good things happening than we could possibly list, and we encourage our readers to provide their financial support.

The note that follows was composed by Norman Levine of the Foundation. Norman has suffered serious medical complications the past few years, but is on the mend and continues to pursue his love of supporting the mandolin arts, something he's spent more of his life doing. We wish him long continued success in this endeavor.

Scott Tichenor
Mandolin Cafe


A mission of the Plucked String Foundation, Inc. has been the goal of funding projects that are not commercially viable but very much needed in the field. Our main thrust has been teaching, research and new compositions.

With dwindled funds, this notice is a request for donations to any extent readers can afford. To help the decision, I list what we've done over the past fifteen months, which was a result of people's generous support of the Foundation in the past.

Donated $1,000 to the John Beck Elementary School's children's mandolin program. Included are 10 mandolins which now are property of the school as well as funds for a teacher.

Donation for partial funds needed to send the President of Classical Mandolin Society of America, Inc. to a Eurofest gathering. This important event attracts thousands of fretted instrument musicians. Having attended previous conventions when I lived in Europe, I believed attendance by a CMSA representative was important for edification of Europeans about our mandolin activities as well as our own knowledge of events on the Continent. Germany is Europe's largest country of mandolin activity (its organization includes guitar). Its fretted organization has expanded into other countries to form a solid European family of fretted musicians. From the CMSA President's report, I feel his presence was beneficial both to Americans and Europeans. The trip was partially financed by CMSA.

Contributed to Moravian College Music Institute in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for its annual guitar festival.

Contributed to putting into printing shape: Homage to Luigi Paparell/Howard Frye (mandolin orchestra works) and Homage to Sol Goichberg. Foundation input will be returned upon publication; further details on these pages when ready.

Student-in-Residence Program: One highly rated mandolin student visited Evan Marshall for a week to take four hours of individual lessons per day as well as attending an Evan Marshall concert. We hope to continue this type of program in 2007.

Donated three mandolins to Grover Cleveland High School in California for student lessons by mandolinist Michael Lampert. The students will use the mandolins for practicing, instruments remaining property of the school for further teaching.

Our latest project is extremely exciting. It is backing of a new concerto for mandolin and mandolin orchestra by Mike Marshall. Publication details will be announced. Mike also agrees to play the solo part with mandolin orchestras throughout the country. Interested orchestras should contact the Foundation in advance about interest; details available very shortly on Mandolin Cafe.

I trust that readers understand why we must replenish our funds in order to keep going with such programs and further ones. Now that there are other people besides me who volunteer time and efforts, we are able to consider further projects, depending upon generosity of the mandolin community. No Foundation person gets paid a cent. All donated monies except small legal and government requirements go toward our activities.

Any and all donations are gladly accepted. We are a non-profit organization and will send a notice of your donation for tax purposes, though we advise checking with your accountant about your particular circumstances.

Send donations to:
Plucked String Foundation, Inc.
Box 2770
Kensington, MD 20891

We are most thankful to any and all who respond.

Norman Levine
Founder, Plucked String Foundation, Inc.

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