LoarFest 2007 Audio Files Published by Mandolin Cafe

By Mandolin Cafe
April 1, 2007 - 5:00 pm

2007 LoarFest West

2007 LoarFest West

Lawrence, Kans. — Audio files from two key presentations at this year's LoarFest West in Bakersfield, California have been published online by the Mandolin Cafe.

The first series of audio is from the 90-minute panel discussion moderated by Roger H. Siminoff. Panel members included Steven Gilchrist, John Monteleone, Mike Kemnizter, Lynn Dudenbostel and David Harvey. The discussion touched on the legacy of Loar within the building community but also allowed each panel member to share their approach to building mandolins.

The second series includes the remarkable 90-minute presentation by Roger H. Siminoff entitled "Loar of the Loar", an intimate look into the life and legacy of Lloyd Loar.

This year's LoarFest was held February 1, 2007 and was part of the SuperGrass bluegrass weekend, sponsored by the California Bluegrass Association.

Audio files are available for download in MP3 format or can be accessed directly online or downloaded to an iPod in an RSS podcast feed format.

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