ChordGenie Offers Powerful New Mobile Phone Application For Mandolinists

By Mandolin Cafe
February 27, 2007 - 7:00 am

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Leeds, UK — The immediate release of ChordGenie, an intelligent mandolin chord finder for mobile phones, incorporating a complete package of tools and accessories, has been announced by Inigma Media.

Featuring over 15,000 chords, ChordGenie provides a much faster alternative to looking up mandolin chords in a book. Chords can be found quickly and easily, whether in standard or alternate tuning, in any position on the fret board. The easy to read display clearly shows each chord and suggested chord fingering as well as the actual notes played. Slash and power chords are also included.

ChordGenie offers a number of additional features including a Metronome, Pitch Pipe Tuner and an innovative Songbook feature, which allows users to bookmark chords against any song they are working on.

Users are also able to define their own chord types using the Chord Builder feature. The Chord Builder is also useful in an educational context in that users can see exactly what intervals are used in each chord.

The application can be used with guitar, banjo, ukulele and other fretted instruments as defined by the user. ChordGenie can be fully customised for left or right hand players.

"People often don't realise that today, a mobile phone is just as powerful as a home computer was only a few years ago. ChordGenie is able to use this computing power to actually model the way the human hand plays notes on a fret board. This means it is able dynamically to find playable chord fingerings for any chord you can think of, anywhere on the fret board - even for alternate tunings", commented Mark Wilson, Managing Director of Inigma Media.

ChordGenie is compatible with most Java enabled phones.

Priced at £4.99 (about $10.00 U.S.), ChordGenie can be downloaded over the air direct to users' mobile phones or via their computer. A free trial of ChordGenie is available at for the purposes of evaluation and testing phone compatibility.

Part of Inigma Ltd., Inigma Media is a mobile phone software house based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK. Inigma Ltd. designs, develops, and tests bespoke web solutions and software across a wide range of industry sectors.