The Mike Marshall Collection - Music for Mandolin, Fiddle and Guitar

By Mandolin Cafe
January 3, 2007 - 11:15 am

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The Mike Marshall Collection from Mel Bay

The Mike Marshall Collection from Mel Bay

In thirty years of playing in bands and sharing musical ideas and insights with some of the top musicians in his field, Mike Marshall has enjoyed an amazing opportunity to compose music for some incredible players.

The individual pieces in this book reflect a desire to create something he felt would fit the musical situation at hand: the players, the instrumentation, the music that they were interested in exploring, and their collective goals and dreams. In most cases, these tunes where learned by ear and those who played them never saw charts like these.

Multi-instrumentalist Matt Flinner took on the task of transcribing Mike's music into notation and tab.

48 pages, Intermediate difficulty, retail $9.95.

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