Orrin Star Mandolin Workshop Series

By Mandolin Cafe
November 21, 2006 - 12:30 pm

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Orrin Star

Orrin Star

Cheverly, Md. — Veteran bluegrass and folk performer and instructor Orrin Star will be offering a series of three related mandolin workshops starting December 2, 2006 and concluding on February 3, 2007.

December 2, 2006:
Rhythm Mandolin

Rhythm is a vital yet seldom focused-on aspect of mandolin playing. This workshop will cover a broad spectrum of approaches, from 'chopping' on the off-beat in a bluegrass ensemble, to accompanying a fiddler or or singer with open chords, jamming on a reggae tune to playing a country ballad.

January 6, 2007:
Deciphering the Fretboard: Double Stops.

In order to play songs in various keys and positions, you need to create your own mental map of the neck. Using two string mini-chords (double-stops) and the tune Silent Night this workshop will jump-start your understanding of the neck and introduce you to the essential technique of tremolo.

February 3, 2007:
More Tremolo and Rhythm: Ashokan Farewell

Ashokan Farewell is sublime waltz whose haunting melody is a perfect tremolo vehicle and whose exotic yet accessible chord structure is very gratifying to play. We'll focus on both of these.

Workshops are Noon-2:00 p.m., include written hand-outs and cost $40.00.

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