Kevin Macleod - Dorney Rock

By Mandolin Cafe
October 17, 2006 - 8:30 am

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Kevin MacLeod - Dorney Rock

Kevin MacLeod - Dorney Rock

This third recording from Scots mandolinist Kevin Macleod, of The Occasionals Ceilidh Band, features a lively collection of Scottish and Irish traditional music, and also some new melodies from several contemporary composers including himself.

He is joined by three masters of the tradition - Ireland's legendary bouzouki player Alec Finn of De Dannan, Orcadian guitar supremo Kris Drever of trio Lau, and Luke Plumb, the Tasmanian mandolin and bouzouki dynamo from Scottish band Shooglenifty. The four musicians unite to create an enlivening fusion of tunes from the great musical traditions of Scotland and Ireland.

In addition to the mandolin, Kevin also plays bouzouki, cittern and various guitars on the album.

Irish Jigs
Norminator Reels
Robert MacDonald's Jigs
Heights of Cassino
Cancion Mixteca
Ronald Cheape of Tiroran
Irish Hornpipes
Western Waltzes
The Ladies' Jigs
Nautical Hornpipes
Macleods of Springwell
Shetland Reels
Farewell to the Creeks

Genre: Celtic
Release date: September, 2006
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