New Millennium Acoustic Design To Offer Carbon Fiber Mandolin

By Mandolin Cafe
September 24, 2006 - 2:00 pm

In the wake of Rigel Instruments going out of business, former Rigel co-owner Peter Mix announces a new mandolin venture. The following announcement was forwarded to the Mandolin Cafe today for publication:

New Millennium Acoustic Design, aka NewMAD, is pleased to announce the world's first carbon-fiber mandolin. A collaborative effort between Peter Mix, Will Kimble, and Clear Carbon & Components will soon come to fruition in the form of an extraordinary A5 mandolin.

Carbon-fiber has been used for years in fine stringed instruments, though never in mandolins until now. It has proven to be a superb material for the purpose. It's five times stronger than steel, exceptionally lightweight and marvelously resonant. The black/grey warp & weft of the carbon-fiber fabric is also quite beautiful and lends an art deco appearance to the classic lines of the snakehead A5 design.

When we first saw carbon-fiber guitars beginning to emerge in the market, we assumed like many others that carbon-fiber mandolins would follow shortly. Obviously, this hasn't happened. Now that we are fully engaged in the process, it's become apparent why no one has previously endeavored to create carbon-fiber mandolins: it's extremely difficult and expensive, requiring equal measures of skill, knowledge, intuition and invention, coupled with a bit of risk-taking. Putting the right team together was critical.

Will Kimble carved the gorgeous snakehead A5 which the carbon fiber mandolins will duplicate. Grover tuners, James tailpieces and Loar-style ebony bridges will be featured on these superb instruments. They should be available by January with f-holes or with oval hole at a rough cost of $3000. Fully-refundable $500 deposits are being accepted for advance orders.

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