2006 LoarFest Panel Discussion Audio Files Released

By Mandolin Cafe
September 15, 2006 - 10:30 am

Audio files for the 2006 LoarFest panel discussion have been released and are available from the Mandolin Cafe for download or listening online through an MP3 player or iTunes.

The 90-minute LoarFest panel discussion was one part of the LoarFest activities and SuperGrass festival, sponsored by the California Bluegrass Association.

Panel participants included Roger Siminoff, Darryl Wolfe, Charlie Derrington (deceased), Dan Beimborn and Bruce Harvie, with panel moderation by Scott Tichenor.

For the 2007 edition of LoarFest, the panel members will include Steven Gilchrist, Mike Kemnitzer, John Monteleone, Lynn Dudenbostel and David Harvey.

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