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The Gift by Pamela Warren

By Mandolin Cafe
September 22, 2012 - 12:15 pm

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The Gift by Pamela Warren

The Gift by Pamela Warren

Boston, Mass.The Gift is a new novel by Pamela Warren, an amateur bluegrass mandolinist who has studied with some of the best mandolinists in the Boston area. The book is dedicated to her teachers, John McGann, Howie Tarnower and Alan Kaufman.

Available for owners of's Kindle reader, the book has been selected as part of the Kindle Select Program which makes copies available to borrow for free, or it can be obtained for a $4.99 purchase price.

The Gift is about a young mandolinist from Boston, Maggie Mae Williams, who travels to New Orleans to visit her ex-college roommate. While there, she meets two musicians, Zak Robichaud and Justin Boudreau, who play in a in a Cajun blues/rock band called the Bayou Blasters. Maggie quickly falls in love with Zak, the charismatic lead guitarist. Despite her parent's reservations and a warning from Zak's ex-girlfriend, Maggie moves in with Zak and Justin into their bungalow near Lafayette, Louisiana.

They begin music careers that lead to success beyond their wildest dreams, Maggie with her bluegrass band Little Maggie, and Zak and Justin with the Bayou Blasters. But Maggie and Zak find it difficult to balance the demands of their careers with that of their personal lives. As the pressures of touring start taking their toll, Maggie finds herself increasingly attracted to Justin, the steady and reliable bass player who is able to offer her emotional support when she needs it the most.

The book is also dedicated to the late Dr. Tom Bibey, author of The Mandolin Case and The Acquisition Syndrome. Dr. Bibey encouraged the author to write her bluegrass novel and asked to include him as a minor character in the book. He has a small, but crucial role in saving Maggie's life when she is hit by lightening while performing at a bluegrass festival.

Author Warren told us about the book, "I have played the mandolin, mandola, and the octave mandolin for over twenty years and am fairly obsessed with all things mandolin. Thus the book is heavy on mandolin content, describing instruments, tunes, jams, famous mandolinists, etc. I tried to write a book that I would enjoy reading, so hopefully others will like it too.

"There is an app for the iPad and personal computers for those that don't own a Kindle. I am planning to make the book available for other formats such as the NOOK when my exclusive contract with Kindle runs out. I may make it available in hard copy in the future if it seems like there is a demand," she said.

Additional information:
Purchase: Hard copy
Purchase: Kindle


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Reader Comments

D C Blood
September 24, 2012 05:53 PM
Would love to have a hard copy. Some of us older folks still like to actually read books. We spend enough time in front of a screen...
Scott Tichenor
November 29, 2012 08:45 AM
Quote from D C Blood: Would love to have a hard copy. Some of us older folks still like to actually read books. We spend enough time in front of a screen... End Quote

Here it is in hard copy, just out according to a note I received from the author. Haven't read it myself but has 3 reviews on the Kindle side and all 5-star ratings. There's a sequel out to it as well and I'll be working on a news announcement for it today. That one already in Kindle and soon to be in hard copy as well.
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