Four Clockworks for Mandolin & Guitar

By Mandolin Cafe
July 28, 2011 - 6:45 am

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Gianluca Sabbadin and Emanuele Cappellotto - Four Clockworks for Mandolin & Guitar

Gianluca Sabbadin and Emanuele Cappellotto - Four Clockworks for Mandolin & Guitar

Four Clockworks for Mandolin & Guitar is the title of a new recording from Emanuele Cappellotto (mandolin) and Gianluca Sabbadin (guitar), both of Italy.

The Duo is a chamber music ensemble created in the 2003, winning in the same year first prize at the National Competition "Città di Castelfidardo," and in
the 2005 first prize at the European Competition "Enrico Mercatali" in Gorizia.

They have performed in important venues such as "Rassegna Internazionale di Nuoro," "Stagione concertistica di Siracusa," 38th Festival Internacional de Logroño (Spain), the Festival of Volubilis (Morocco), and invited to participate in the musical activities of Italian Institutes of Culture of Ljubljana, Bucharest, Wolfburg and Rabat.


Norbert Sprongl, Duo op.85/II (1950)
(Obermarkersdorf, Austria, 1892 - Modling 1983)

1. Allegro
2. Allegro vivace
3. Adagio
4. Allegro vivace

Guido Santorsola, Sonata n. 6 (1981)
(Canosa di Puglia, Italy, 1904 - Montevideo, Urugay, 1994)

5. Allegretto scherzoso
6. Calmo
7. Allegro pomposo ma con brio

Ernst Krenek, Suite op. 242 (1989)
(Wien, 1900 - Palm Springs, USA, 1991)

8. Overture
9. Intermezzo 1
10. Scherzo
11. Canon
12. Soliloqui (for Mandolin)
13. Intermezzo 2
14. Mini-Opera

Angelo Gilardino, Sonatina - Lied n.4 (2006)
(Vercelli, Italy 1941)

15. Allegro non troppo
16. Nachtmusik
17. Toccata

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