Chris Sharp and David Long - One Hand On The Radio

By Mandolin Cafe
April 2, 2005 - 5:00 pm

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Chris Sharp & David Long - One Hand On The Radio

Chris Sharp & David Long - One Hand On The Radio

Guitarist Chris Sharp and mandolinist David Long release a traditional-based recording in One Hand On The Radio, their first as a duo.

Handy Man
Bad Day With You
I'm In Love With A Memory
Jericho Road
Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None Of My Jelly Roll
My Baby's Just Like Money
Prince Of My Peace
I Could Change My Mind
Your Wild Life
Root Hog Or Die
Why Did She Say Goodbye
One Hand On The Radio

Liner notes:
Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a fine record put out by two close friends of mine, Chris Sharp and David Long. These two musicians represent a rare and unique tie to the old school of bluegrass.Chris, who does the outstanding guitar work and singing, is a very lucky man. He has been hired and has established close friendships with many of the most important figures in the history of bluegrass music, including Benny Martin, Josh Graves, Kenny Baker, Curly Seckler, and Earl Scruggs. These musical pioneers have left a lasting impression on Chris' music. However, this record is not trying to recreate something that has already been perfected by these players. Chris learned the importance of creativity and finding one's own voice while playing guitar with the John Hartford String Band. This eight year association with John, while being a creative training ground, also won Chris a Grammy for his playing on the Oh Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack.

Chris' partner on this recording is a musical kindred spirit. David's powerful approach to the mandolin is influenced by Monroe, but never limited to that one musical mindset. David also counts Mike Compton as both a musical inspiration and partner, which, like Chris, affords David the opportunity to work professionally with a musical hero.

Chris and David will always be students of the musicians that preceded them, but now are becoming masters themselves. The end result is something timeless--a record that sounds 50 years old and brand-new at the same time.

This is music that can appeal to the most hard-core bluegrass fan, or the most free-spirited music lover because it has the main ingredients that all great music has regardless of genre--heart and soul. Enjoy.

Matt Combs
Nashville, TN
March 2005

Genre: Traditional
Label: Self-produced
Released: April, 2005