The Mandoleers - Mandolin Moods

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November 13, 2009 - 6:15 am

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The Mandoleers - Mandolin Moods

The Mandoleers - Mandolin Moods

Arlington, Va. — Mandolin Moods, the newest recording from The Mandoleers has been released and is available for purchase from the group's web site.

A mandolin and guitar orchestra founded 1923, The Mandoleers were under the direction of Herman von Bernewitz from 1926 to 1993 when he relinquished the baton to daughter Karen.

For this recording the ensemble is led by David A. Ruppert who has served as conductor since 2000.

The orchestra's repertoire comes mostly from the golden age of mandolin orchestras, roughly 1880-1930. This music has been preserved by the von Bernewitzes and organizations that support mandolin orchestras, such as the Classical Mandolin Society of America, the Fretted Instruments Guild of America, and the Nagano Mandolin Orchestra archive. Two of the works on this recording were found in the Library of Congress collection.

As Khamilónan Tavouná
À Travers la Hongrie
Partita Antiqua
The Palms
Une Fête au Chateau
An Irish Medley
Peacherine Rag
Hi-Ko, Hi-Ko
Buona Notte Mimi
Old Dominion March
Popular Italian Melodies

Additional information:
Mandoleers web site
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November 27, 2009 10:19 PM
If you haven't heard a Mandolin Orchestra, this is probably worth getting. I always loved the growl of the Mandocello section. The Takoma Mandoleers made an album in 1985 or 6. I don't think it was ever reissued as a CD. Glad to see the Mandoleers have recorded another Album (CD). Did they drop Takoma (Since they have rehearsed in VA not Takoma Park MD for decades)? Is this arrangement of Hungarian Traveller the same one as was recorded on the Mandoleer album from the 80's?