Virtual Visit to Rosine, Kentucky...

Bill Monroe

...the final resting place of Bill Monroe.

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For several years we've had the desire to visit the final resting place of the Father of Bluegrass Music. When our friends Karen and Rich McConnell announced they would be stopping there on a recent trip we asked them to share their experience. Our own virtual visit you might say.

Bill Monroe is in our opinion the most influential mandolin player to grace the earth. If you play mandolin, it's almost without doubt that his style has effected your playing in some way. If not directly, then through the great second and third generation players who learned from him.

He was more than just a great mandolin player. He wrote beautiful instrumentals that are played every day by someone on a front porch, in a kitchen, or on a stage. He crafted haunting and beautiful song lyrics. His sidemen left to become legends of their own.

But enough from us. See for yourself, then enjoy some links at the end to some great Monroe resources and find out where you can learn more about the master.

Photos courtesy of Karen and Rich McConnell