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Lacquer is a finish material consisting of a dissolved solid in a volatile liquid.

Zarh Myron Bickford was one of the foremost players, composers and teachers of his time, and is best known for authoring The Bickford Mandolin Method.

Luigi Embergher is a celebrated Italian mandolin family builder whose instruments date loosely between 1888 and 1935.

Howe-Orme mandolins distributed by the Elias Howe Company of Boston featured many noteworthy innovations and are gaining recognition as fine vintage instruments.

The process of "distressing" or a "distressed" model refers to a process whereby the instrument is given a look that implies age and weathering or evidence of long-term use.

Virzi Tone Producer
The Virzi Tone Producer is a thin (perhaps 3/32"), oval piece of wood (straight-grained spruce or fir) which is mounted inside the body cavity of a mandolin (or mandowhatever, or guitar, or violin), suspended directly below the bridge and attached to the top of the instrument by a pair of 'feet'.

Top end or "head" of the mandolin to which the tuners are attached.

Saddle is the top-most part of the bridge where the strings rest.

The back of a flatback mandolin will be made of a flat plate of hardwood.

Mortise and Tenon
Mortise and tenon is a type of neck joint used in instrument construction.

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