Mandolin Glossary

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Mortise and Tenon
Mortise and tenon is a type of neck joint used in instrument construction.

A mandobass usually has four unpaired strings and is plucked with the fingers.

This is analogous to the cello and tuned one octave below the mandola: C, G, D, A.

In the US, this term is usually applied to an instrument tuned one fifth below the mandolin, analogous to the viola: c, g, d, a.

A metronome is a practice aid that sounds or displays beats at the tempo it is set to. There are two basic types: mechanical and electronic. Most music accessory stores and online vendors carry a wide selection.

MAS - Mandolin Acquisition Syndrome
A tongue-in-cheek reference made originally on the CoMando listserv that stuck and has become a common term used within the web community.

Bill Monroe
Born in Rosine, Kentucky, Bill Monroe is the acknowledged creator (ie, the "Father") of Bluegrass Music, a style of music that takes its name from his band The Bluegrass Boys.

The roots of the word "mandolin" are derived from the Italian for "little almond."