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Zarh Myron Bickford

Zarh Myron Bickford

Zarh Myron Bickford was one of the foremost mandolin players, composers and teachers of his time, and is best known for authoring The Bickford Mandolin Method, a four-volume collection considered one of the finest to come from an American author.

Married in 1915 to the prominent guitar player Vadah Olcott-Bickford (born Ethel Lucretia Olcott), they often performed together. Both shared an interest in astrology and the names Vahdah and Zarh reflect this interest.

The first volume of the Bickford Mandolin Method is still in print and considered a popular study for classical mandolinists.

The information contained in this brief was collected from members of the Mandolin Cafe message board.

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