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CoMando is a public listserv (email discussion group) hosted and managed by the University of North Dakota since 1994. The list owner is Mark Dixon.

Since its inception on August 30, 1994, CoMando has been the longest continuous running mandolin resource on the internet. Messages from 1994 to January, 1998 were permanently deleted by the University of North Dakota on August 26, 1999, but archives from early 1998 to the current date are maintained in a searchable and browsable format, providing access to a wide range of information for those willing to make the effort.

Archives of public discussions, access to subscription requests and searching features can all be accessed through the CoMando archives hosted by the University of North Dakota.

Further information about the list configuration, key changes to the list and the list manifest can be accessed by addressing an email to In the body of the email enter the words: info comando

List archives

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