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Tocaben, Louis

Louis Tocaben arrangement

Louis Tocaben arrangement

Louis Tocaben's name appears as arranger on a wide variety of printed sheet music and mandolin editions ranging from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

He is widely thought to have been someone with an interest in mandolin, but was more likely a piano or violin player.

Many of the arrangements by Tocaben are tunes of the day arranged for 1st and 2nd mandolins and piano.


In May, 2010 we received the following email that fills in additional information about Louis Tocaben:

I recently ran across your brief biographical reference to Louis Tocaben. How wonderful it is that his work is still of interest after so many years. I am writing you to clear up some confusion as to the instruments that Louis played. Louis Tocaben was my great grandfather, and he taught my grandfather and his brother to play, as my father taught my brother and I. Louis played a number of instruments, but he particularly played piano, mandolin, and guitar. In fact, he was not the first guitarist in the family, we actually don't know where the line of guitar playing Tocaben's starts. Louis moved from Paris to NYC in 1870, but the Tocaben family actually came from the border area of Spain and France (Catalonia in Spain, Provence in France). The name itself means to 'touch' or play well. (Tocar + Bien), and shows up as both a Spanish name and as a French name. I hope this additional info is helpful to you, if any questions about Louis come up, feel free to contact me. Thank you for all of your great work keeping the wonderful old music alive.

Alex Tocaben

Authored by: Mandolin Cafe

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