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Lyon & Healy

John Sullivan Lyon & Healy copy

John Sullivan Lyon & Healy copy

Lyon and Healy was a Chicago-based company that built a popular mandolin model that is still in favor with many of today's American classical players.

The company was founded in 1889 and was originally a manufacturer of harps, violins, pianos, guitars, organs and other instruments. They were considered the first American company to produce bowlback mandolins on a large scale, and some of their better quality instruments bore the Washburn brand name which was a division of Lyon and Healy.

The carved back Lyon and Healy model popular with today's classical mandolinist is distinctive in its violin-like headstock (A and B models) and ornate art deco tailpiece. In addition to a mandolin model, they also manufactured mandolas and mandocellos and briefly offered piccolo or soprano mandolins.

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