Mandolin Glossary

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Chris Thile
Chris Thile is best known as the mandolinist and singer of the now retired progressive acoustic trio, Nickel Creek.

Compensation (bridges)
When one frets a string, the finger stretches the string down to the fret, thereby increasing tension. As tension goes up, pitch goes up. To compensate for the sharpening effect of fretting, the string is made longer by the "compensation" built into the bridge.

A cylinder-back is named due to the curved shape of the back side of the mandolin.

CoMando is a public listserv communication forum hosted and managed by the University of North Dakota since 1994.

A capo is a device that clamps the strings down on a particular fret, to aid in transposing music on a fretted instrument.

Chop Chord
A percussive chord that's typically dampened on the two and four beat on a 4/4 song or the two and three beats on a 3/4 song.