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Thread: Ted Eschliman Interview

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    Default Ted Eschliman Interview

    The Mandolin Cafe has posted the following news release:
    Ted Eschliman Interview

    We pay tribute to the founder of, author of Getting Into Jazz Mandolin and the chief moderator of the Mandolin Cafe's forum: our feature interview with Ted Eschliman.


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    Default Re: Ted Eschliman Interview

    I was thrilled when I discovered JazzMando. The contributions both Scott and Ted have made to the mandolin community are immense and far reaching. Ted has been a great champion of the mandolin, and has brought a perspective and approach that benefits even those that play other instruments. I greatly appreciate the enormous amount of work that both Scott and Ted do, their work enriches each of us. Ted has supported and encouraged me, and the depth of musical knowledge that Ted generously shares has had an impact on my playing. But there is more to Ted than just his music contributions. He is a role model. Music education, business practices, support for the mandolin community, love of his family, commitment to his faith, these are all part of who Ted is. A man that gives of himself.

    John Baxter

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    Default Re: Ted Eschliman Interview

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    Default Re: Ted Eschliman Interview

    Wonderful to get to know Ted better. What a Renaissance man.
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    Default Re: Ted Eschliman Interview

    Great article - nice to hear someone being open about their faith too!
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    Default Re: Ted Eschliman Interview

    We all come at music from a different background, and our approach to music is helped or hurt (or both) by how we started. Ted's comments on the advantage of his wind instrument background really hit home.

    As for musicality, being a trombonist, I do credit my years on a wind instrument developing my mindset for "line." Without the physical continuity of bow or air column, a musician may never instill a sense of phrasing. When you run out of air, you're forced to stop, breathe, and start a new phrase. This discipline forces you to think line in digestible segments, intentional sentences if you will
    I started in woodwinds, I kind of locked in to a way of looking at music that was horizontal. There is this thing called the melody, a single stream of notes, one at a time, and then there are these chords that fit onto it like beads on a necklace. That prejudice has been one I struggle with. I have gotten better, especially learning double stops and stuff, but even now I often have trouble hearing the chord changes. And I listen a lot.

    So it was nice to read about some advantages to how I came into music.
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    Default Re: Ted Eschliman Interview

    I also began my musical journey on clarinet at age 9. The up side was that I learned to read music and never forgot. The downside is that harmonics never come into play, so when I took up mandolin I discovered there was a whole avenue of music theory in which I was totally ignorant. Loved the interview and especially loved that family Christmas card!

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    Default Re: Ted Eschliman Interview

    As a former trombone player, I can attest to what he said. One thing people often don't consider is that trombone players have to develop a better feel for music than other wind players. That is because, like the violin family, a slide trombone is untempered.
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    Default Re: Ted Eschliman Interview

    Proud to celebrate the anniversary of this interview with one of the key figures that makes this forum run!

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