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    A few weeks ago, my father snagged a 1969 Catania Carmelo mandolin (Italian-built) off of eBay for about $70 including the replacement bridge, just to give us a little fix-it up team project steeped in our Italian heritage. He also wanted his own mandolin and I've been able to teach him a few tunes on the newly-fixed up bowlback.

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    Welp, I came home today, enjoying my last few weeks of summer before heading back to the university, and found this:

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    Either these bowlbacks and German domeback mandriolas are breeding like Tribbles, or my father has fallen victim to the eBay variant of MAS. The lower two have the hardware removed while we work on the wood, frets, and finish.

    Send Help,

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    Oh dear.

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    You should probably move ...and change your name

    ( This gets my nomination for the best thread title of the year award. )
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