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    A while back I bought a copy of Chinkapin Hunting by the "Scoville Units" on iTunes. The mandolin on that tune is just transcendental! Recently I was going to go back and get the whole album and now its not on iTunes. Does anyone know about this group or why iTunes no longer has their "Scoville Units" album? I think they are or were a Celtic group from the British Isles?

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    Here is a link to their site. I'm sure you can get the CD there. I agree it's nice stuff. Anyone know what kind of mandolin he plays?

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    The Mandolin player in question is Rex Preston, and he plays a mandolin made by a British maker, Phil Davidson, who built the mando for him to the same specs as John Reichmans Loar measured while he was over teaching at The Sore Fingers Summer school a few years back. Its a great mando, I know Rex and have played it, hes a great guy and mando player. He plays mainly as a duo now.

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    i like
    lovely, different take, fluid musical playing indeed
    angeline is superb, nice substitutions, great vocal,
    (im so used to a US take on this Foster tune, its great to hear a different colouring)

    liked scarborough too, inspiring for a tune sometimes over exposed, (so i worked it out),

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