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    I've been reading you guys for awhile but just now registered. I'm in the finishing phase of build #3, a dark brown A3 copy. I've got some very thin cracks between the binding and the rims that my old eyes didn't catch until I'd sealed my color in with super blond shellac. I've tried infilling with some Moser's clear filler but they didn't flush to the surface with my first coat of lacquer. What works best in this situation? Super glue gives me the heebie jeebies from previous run-ins with plastic binding repairs. I'm finishing in DuraVar catalyzed lacquer if that makes a difference.

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    There's a bit of a learning curve, but stick shellac and a burn-in knife is one of the best ways to fill such places. (Flakes of shellac of synthetic burn-in sticks are alternatives, but the procedure is the same.)

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