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Thread: Quality of Harley Benton vs Eastwood/Revelation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lenf12 View Post
    The short scale AND the distance between the coils reading the string signal. I think it's especially true with the blade type humbuckers made to fit in a single coil space i.e. strat style humbuckers. The individual coils are so close together that they're reading essentially the same signal off the strings. Switching between single coil and humbucking modes won't yield much tonal variation from an individual pickup. That's where your middle position, running two pickups, comes into play.

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    Respectfully, we're talking apples and oranges. The value of potentiometers and capacitors effect the impedance, resistance and frequencies of the signals being carried along the wires. The locations of the pickups and distances between them have no bearing on those factors - the tonal changes are due to the strings vibration and how that creates an electrical charge within the pickups. | oKee.ComX

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    Hi, Have read through this thread with interest. I have dusted off my Pilgrim mando during the lockdown and have been been enjoying it so much I want to keep practising. I bought a Revelation mando on eBay. Unfortunately I can't sort out the intonation. I can get it perfectly in tune on the open strings and at the 12th fret but it is way out of tune everywhere between the 1st and about the 9th fret. After that it improves up to the 12th fret. Does the bridge height need adjusting or perhaps the nut? I have played various fretted instruments over the years and the only time I have come across this was on a really cheap ukulele. Thats.

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    Dave - its likely nut slot depth, angle, or both that is causing poor intonation on the lower frets.

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    I have a clearwater emando, and I'm very happy with it... In fact, I spend a lot of time on it (change the fretboard, the nut, the pickups, shield all the cavity, check all the wiring...) and it can be playable as soon as you are able of spending a lot on time on it...
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    Hi, when i spoke to Eastwood over their tenors (of which i currently have two), they pointed out the Warren Ellis ones are made in S Korea, and other models (my classic) in China. The quality difference is notable, and they pointed it out to me.... The warren Ellis is superior in most respects. The classic is badly wired, buzzes loads (it has humbuckers...). Most Classic owners have had to take them to get that sort of thing sorted.

    So check to see where the Eastwood is made
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    Q: How much does this matter if I rarely stray above the seventh fret?

    Other than the premium priced Stevens IDK about any builders of electrics limiting the fret count to have a neck pickup further from the bridge..
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    I was pleasantly surprised by my Harley Benton 8 string guitar, the only complaint with it is subpar pickups. They seem to be good for the money.

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