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Thread: Choro "╔ uma došura" - W. Azevedo

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    Default Choro "╔ uma došura" - W. Azevedo

    Hello Mandolinist Colleagues,

    I discovered an amazing choro tune yesterday. The name is "╔ uma došura" composed by Waldir Azevedo, the greatest Brazilian Cavaquinho player.

    This song was recorded originally on LP - "Pedacinhos do CÚu" in the eighties (1980's).

    It is possible to play it by ear and adapt for mandolin permance too.

    More information is available in:

    The first part of this choro can be listened in:

    Musical Regards,

    Carlos Gomes SJK-SP

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    Default Re: Choro "╔ uma došura" - W. Azevedo

    Obrigado Carlos!

    Speaking of Waldir Azevedo and "Pedacinho do CÚu", here is a version of this tune that I ran across recently that I really like.


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    Hi David,

    Thanks for posting this very nice youtube video !!

    The choromusic band "Isaias e seus Chor§es" is really amazing. In my best knowledge, they are one of oldest choromusic band in activity nowadays in Brazil !!

    Although "Pedacinos do cÚu" tune was originally composed to be performed for Cavaquinho players (Brazilian Ukulele), the version of attached video shows a pretty nice duo melody shared between cavaquinho solo (performed by Armandinho at Cavaquinho) and bandolin (performed by Isaias Bueno).

    Musical Regards,

    Carlos SJK-SP

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