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Thread: Elkhorn Mandolins video

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    Default Elkhorn Mandolins video Here' a sweet video just added to the all new website. I've had a lot of great help making this happen. Please check it out.

    Please come visit my Elkhorn Mandolins Facebook page too!

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    Default Re: Elkhorn Mandolins video

    Beautiful clip. The mandolins look and sound magnificent.

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    Default Re: Elkhorn Mandolins video

    That's fantastic Robb!

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    Default Re: Elkhorn Mandolins video

    Your Nesser was very well played, and I love your wood choices!
    Jason Anderson

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    Default Re: Elkhorn Mandolins video

    I'm a big fan of Robb's workmanship. He's building some of the most awesomely beautiful mandolins available today & i loved the video clip enabling us to actually hear what his instruments sound like. If anybody ever makes a more incredibly beautiful mandolin than this one,i'm waiting to see it - Robb'll probably build it himself anyway !,
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    Default Re: Elkhorn Mandolins video

    Robb, I've been following you and your mandolins pretty much since I started lurking here. I know that's not been long, and I mean no disrespect to the other phenomenal builders on here and out in the marketplace today, but there's something alluring about the instruments you build. And you're a heck of a fine guy to talk with on top of that. The new website looks incredible. I've been checking in every day to see what's new! I know I keep saying it, but as soon as I move this guitar, I'm getting on your list. I finally found the sound clip for #22. That's something special right there. Thanks for sharing your time and talents with all of us.
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    Default Re: Elkhorn Mandolins video

    Robb, nicely done video! You are building some amazing looking and awesome sounding mandolins!

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