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Thread: Another string gauge question

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    Hi all!

    What string gauge would be reccomended for a four string mandocasterish Fender?

    Any thoughts would be welcome.

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    On your side of the "pond," it might be a bit difficult, but if you have access to electric guitar singles, my experimentation has led me to the following gauges on my Mandobird:
    .009 plain
    .013 plain
    .022 wound
    .038 wound

    If you're interested in the above in a flatwound (D'addario Chrome) they can be purchased here:
    Mandobird Strings
    US Global Priority postage to the Netherlands is an additional $5.00 US. Not cheap, but it might solve a problem. Otherwise, if you have access to your own supply of single electric guitar, you can deviate to your own gauge preference.
    You might want to go heavier if you want a stiffer feel.
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    I use .010, .014, .024 and .034 on my Fender 4 string.

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