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Thread: Italian Folk Music Resources?

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    Question Italian Folk Music Resources?

    I realize this question has more than likely been asked a few times before, but do any of you know of a good resource for Italian folk music for the mandolin? (Standard notation preferred)

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    Default Re: Italian Folk Music Resources?

    I admittedly know only one Italian folk song, Tarantella. Well two, if you count the Godfather Theme.

    But this book looks interesting. No affiliation, never seen it.
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    Default Re: Italian Folk Music Resources?

    John has two books of Italian folks music. You may also be looking for some of the ballo liscio tunes which are acredited composed tunes in a style which i call cafe music -- similar to the French musette styles and also related to Brazilian choro. You can get a CD-rom of that music compiled by San Francisco's Sheri Mignano called Mandolin Melodies.

    There is a whole page of links to Italian sheet music at FMI. On that site are a few pages of free downloadable music:

    Lots of sheet music from Raffaele Calace

    Giovanni Giovale

    I also have a few Italian tunes posted here (among others).

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