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Thread: Grey Fox tickets are on sale!

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    Default Grey Fox tickets are on sale!

    Just got mine !

    I'll be chomping at the bit for 192 days

    see you up on the hill!

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    Default Re: Grey Fox tickets are on sale!

    See you there.

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    Default Re: Grey Fox tickets are on sale!

    What's it like for a first timer at this festival? My wife and I have only been to California festivals (where we live). I have family in upstate NY and we might drive the VW van back East this summer. It would be fun to hit a big festival. Cruising the website, it seems there may be kind of a rush for real estate (various details about where you can line up, etc). Seems like a little prior homework would be wise on that front.

    And once we get in and settled, we like to sing, sing harmony, and pick. Mostly pretty traditional stuff, and some country, but we're definitely not into any sort of competitiveness. We like it to be open and welcoming, and though we respect those who can do it, we're not much good at playing complicated or real progressive stuff.

    Do you think Grey Fox would light our fire?

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    Default Re: Grey Fox tickets are on sale!

    Dan, I’ve been a Grey Fox regular for many years, and if you like the idea of hitting a big festival, this one would be right up your alley. Bluegrass and bluegrass-ish music to listen to all over the place, including tons of picking in the campground areas. Any homemade music is welcomed by all; you would likely have people stopping by to listen, maybe some asking to join in with you, and even the passers-by will appreciate whatever you’re up to. Anything more intense would likely be a late-night jam, and would still be welcoming to those who are into it, but no pressure anywhere in the years I’ve been going.

    Official festival starts Thursday, but one of the greatest days of the festival is Wednesday. People do line up in cars and campers in the wee hours of the morning, with grounds opening at 7:00 AM or so. So long as you don’t require a site along the tree lines, or super close to the music stages, there’s room for everyone (less so if you arrive Wednesday afternoon or later, mind you). Do bring your own shade, though, and anything on the ground needs to be staked down very well, since the mid-summer timing of the festival usually brings at least one instance of heavy wind and/or rain. Last year was seriously wet and muddy, but didn’t dampen spirits.

    I recommend arriving early Wednesday AM, and be prepared to wait a bit as vehicles enter the grounds – slowly, but steadily. Once in, you’ll then be staged in lines, allowing everyone to enter the camping area in the order they came in. Requires some patience, but is fair to all. And, best of all, once in and set up, Wednesday is the perfect day for checking things out, playing, and relaxing. They have an open mic on Wed. evening, where bands can sign up to play (not sure how they determine who gets to play), and that draws a crowd every year. Just hanging out with family and friends in anticipation of the music to come makes Wednesday special.

    There’s a main stage on “the hill,” which is more a term of endearment for the festival’s former site, which was pretty steep, sometimes unforgiving, and could leave you walking off-kilter for days afterwards. So, the main stage has an afternoon performance space under a large shade tent, and then moves to the actual main stage for post dinner music through evening’s closer. Creekside stage has many performers playing in a more close-up setting, and maybe a little looser attitude. Grassroots stage is an even more intimate space where great one-off performances take place. Mike Compton with Michael Daves, for instance, or Joe K. Walsh with Grant Gordy. And then the dance tent.

    Any performer or band that plays their regular set in the dance tent is missing the point. Those who recognize the crowd wants to hear you put your heart and soul into it and make them dance, well it can be a helluva lot of fun. Della Mae (and before them Uncle Earl) have owned the dance tent; Matuto was blown away at their reception, and played into the wee hours. Billy Strings and Don Julin killed it a few years back. Red Knuckles and the Trailblazers have been known to make an appearance. And, for the totally off the wall, Rushad Eggleston and his band Tornado Rider plugged in and tore the roof off the joint in what is considered by those who witnessed it one of the greatest sets of music ever. Decidedly unbluegrass, of course.

    All throughout, even with great performances all over the place, many folks prefer to spend time picking at the camp site, so feel free to hang out and play to your hearts content. Some folks do play all night, so be aware of that - the festival does designate a few areas as quiet camping (low noise from 10 PM - 8 AM), so look for those areas, as need be.

    There’s plenty of good food to get on site, but you’d probably want to bring some of your own, as well. Ice is available on site and at a nearby convenience store. You may bring in your own adult beverages (cans only, please). I’ve gone on so long here simply because when it comes to the third full weekend in July, there’s no place on earth I’d rather be. And what makes it all come together, leaving you feeling good deep down inside is the community feeling you get. Everyone’s there to have as much fun as possible, recognizing that we’re all in it together. People enjoy each other’s company and music, and look out for each other. There are always outliers, of course, who may be more self-centered than group focused, but nearly everyone is there to be there together.

    It takes some doing, so be prepared, but for 4+ days, the effort is worth it.

    Cheers -


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    Default Re: Grey Fox tickets are on sale!

    Dave has a great recap of what to expect! After 13+ years, it's still one of my favorite festivals - though I do miss the Hill

    I'll be volunteering on the High Meadow stage (aka Main Stage) all weekend and playing all night Hope to see you there! Maybe we can get a Mandolin Cafe Jam going?

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