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    Hey! I just got my first mandolin, and wanted to share with you guys the band that inspired me to try it out. They're a folk-alternative-indie-rock group from Denver called Churchill. Mike Morter plays the mandolin for them, it's in almost all their songs. Their new single Change is currently the iTunes single of the week, so you can download it for free. I've been a fan of them forever, so I just wanted to share with you guys!

    If you like their Change EP, let me know! They have older stuff that you can't buy anymore since they recently signed a record deal.

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    I live in Denver and I'm just getting into them. I THINK Mike plays an iii mandolin made by Geoff Burghardt, a Denver luthier and Cafe member. I'd love some of their older stuff if you have some to share!

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    Here's their 2009 Churchill EP and their debut album Happy/Sad!

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    I did make the mandolin that Mike currently plays. He is a solid player!
    Churchill is a great band and I'd encourage anyone to check them out. They are out on tour right now, but if you are in Denver, they'll be playing the Ogden on February 9th if you are looking for something to do that night.


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