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Thread: Minnesota Video Vault: Jethro and Friends

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    Default Minnesota Video Vault: Jethro and Friends

    I saw this on link on Ted's twitter feed, and also I see it's in the NewsFetcher feed here on the Café - but just to make sure nobody misses it - this is a TREAT. 1984 footage of Jethro with John Parrott, Don Stiernberg, Chet Atkins, Steve Goodman, John Burns (Jethro's son) and the bass player who's name I should have written down before I closed the window. Great stuff, not to be missed.

    Some fabulous playing here. Despite the wonderful mandolin and guitar work, what brought me to tears was Steve Goodman, just six weeks before his passing, singing Michael Smith's 'The Dutchman.' That song gets me every time, and it really got me this time. Goodman was another gem, gone way too soon.
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    Default Re: Minnesota Video Vault: Jethro and Friends

    Yes, great stuff.

    It's also being discussed here: Jethro and Friends

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