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    Default jenny pluck pears

    beatrice and i playing "jenny pluck pears" - from an arrangement by allan alexander:

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    Default Re: jenny pluck pears

    Very lively with very good meter. I enjoyed it very much : )

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    Default Re: jenny pluck pears

    Very nice, Bill and Beatrice. Bill, are you using a Roman pick or one of your olivewood ones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Garber View Post
    Very nice, Bill and Beatrice. Bill, are you using a Roman pick or one of your olivewood ones?
    it's a risha - used for playing oud. i think steel strings would shred wooden picks pretty quickly.

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    Default Re: jenny pluck pears

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing Bill.

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    Default Re: jenny pluck pears

    Very nice, Bill and Beatrice -- you have a really good groove going and the two Mid-Mos blend really well together.

    I'm a big fan of Playford tunes, and I've been playing a lot of them from the invaluable complete edition by Jeremy Barlow. That edition has every single Playford tune, in the original single-voice violin form which (of course) sits just right on mandolin. The book is a real bargain at only about 10 Pounds in the UK.

    However, just last week I've come across an incredible website associated with the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), which has really good multi-voice arrangements of hundreds of renaissance dance tunes, including about 120 Playford dance tunes:


    Your video has inspired me to have a go at recording their four-part harmony arrangement of Jenny Pluck Pears -- I'm using my own Mid-Missouri to go with yours, plus tenor guitar for the low harmony and the rhythm. The tune is in 6/4 time, and the arrangement adds a coda in 3/2 time. Not sure where that's from, as it's not in Playford, but it goes well with the tune.

    Here is my recording, done a a few minutes ago:


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    Default Re: jenny pluck pears

    thanks for the link martin! - what a find! the barlow book arrived just last week - so many tunes ... so little time!

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    Default Re: jenny pluck pears

    Here is Leveret's version of Jenny Pluck Pears, it is said to be a combination of Jenny Pluck Pears and Bobbing Joe, both from Playford's 1651 edition. I'm not sure I agree but I do like this arangement


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    Default Re: jenny pluck pears

    Very sweet.

    When I play that tune for English Country dancers, they dance to the first section much faster...then slow down for the second section. It's nice to hear other versions.

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    Default Re: jenny pluck pears

    I really loved this. I really love the sound of Big Muddy (Mid Missouri) mandolins Bill and Beatrice play in the original posting. I love the brightness.
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