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Thread: Help me to identify this Banjolin?

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    Default Help me to identify this Banjolin?

    I found this Banjolin in an antique store, priced at R1400 (Approximately $200). I couldn't find any brand markings on it though. It seems really well made, star and crescent mother of pearl inlays, ivory (I think) tuning keys and a rounded, but solid back with a single bolt in the middle.

    Could you help a) identify it and b) figure out if it worth anything?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Help me to identify this Banjolin?

    Lots of those were sent out from the UK.. as I would expect,

    since RSA has a long history of British Empire involvement..

    Is it worth anything? They are fun to play,
    once you bring it back into playing condition.

    do you want to play it ?, I expect It is not much in Collector's Value,
    to fix and flip.
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    Default Re: Help me to identify this Banjolin?

    Well, British manufacture, from its general appearance. Two often-found labels are Houghton and John Grey & Sons, and a Google search found examples of each that are similar but not identical. Windsor was another major British manufacturer, but the Windsors I've seen pix of all had slotted headstocks, not solid like the Houghtons and JG&S's.

    I'd do some Googling around and see if you find a match.

    The $200 price might have been decent, though these small-body mandolin banjos are not in a great deal of demand -- at least not in the US, don't know as much about South Africa
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    Default Re: Help me to identify this Banjolin?

    Windsor. I've seen quite a few, plus I have. It's worth whatever someone will give you.

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