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Thread: Rob Dick of Jupiter Creek Music has Passed Away

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    Default Rob Dick of Jupiter Creek Music has Passed Away

    I learned this sad news through the Yahoo Tenor Guitar Registry. Here is a post to the Jupiter Creek Music Facebook page made yesterday by Rob's daughter:

    Hi to all members in this group.
    My Dad suddenly passed away last week so unfortunately Jupiter Creek Music is no longer. A very very sad time for the family.
    I will put an update on the group wall in the near future.
    Kristie Pope

    I know that there are some Cafe members who own Jupiter Creek instruments, and who have worked with Rob, so I wanted to share this sad news here.

    My thoughts and condolences are with Rob's family and friends.
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    Default Re: Rob Dick of Jupiter Creek Music has Passed Away

    Very sad to hear. I have one of his strummers (electric strumstick-y thing), which I love - he was a great builder (and a very decent guy from the limited contact I had with him). May he rest in peace.

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