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Thread: Musician Jokes

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    Hah! Now THAT made me chuckle.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dustyamps View Post
    I think these qualify as a joke...
    I had to do an image search to figure out what the heck these were supposed to be (finger tip protectors, apparently). Ignoring how silly they are in general, why does the hand model need one on his thumb?
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Lewis View Post
    So the piano player says to the singer ‘tonight during girl from ipananema I want you to start in G. And the 4 bars in you modulate to F#. Then at the chorus modulate to Ab minor and sing it in 5/4. The go to G# and sing the second verse in 6/8. Finally for the last verse and chorus I want you to sing it in 7/8 and in the key of A major and C#minor swapping bar to bar.

    The singer says ‘I can’t do that!’

    The pianist says ‘dunno why. That’s what you did last night... ‘
    I just now got off the floor! Good one.

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