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    Default We're getting close

    My engineer and I are working on my third CD. We are developing a sort of a co-production practice. I write, sing, play the mandolin and guitar family instruments, he engineers, drums, plays keys, drops a bass track on (with a bass).

    Yesterday we double tracked my Vessel F5 with my JBovier EMC-5 through a late 60's Fender Champ. OMG. I was listening back to the track and nearly shrieked like a pre-teen girl at a boy-band concert. The combined tone is that cool.

    It sure as hell ain't Bluegrass, but it's about the coolest sound I have heard in a while. Identifiable as a mandolin, if you already know what one sounds like. Beefier in the midrange than a standard mandolin with a nice break-up when you push it, like an electric. The Vessel provides depth and clarity in the top end.

    One things that, when you hear it, you realise you've been looking for it.

    Will share when the mix is done. :-)

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