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Thread: Lefty playing upside down

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    I'm actually right handed but an old hand injury impossed some limitations on how I'd be able to play as a right handed guitar player. For me on the guitar it was a choice of dealing with the injury when I went looking for a new guitar or when I played one. The only thing I regret about my decision is if my kids decide to pick up one of my guitars the guitars are leftys. Flipping a right handed mandolin upside down solves that problem. It's really nice to know so many others have done the same thing , gives me confidence going forward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdHanrahan View Post

    Maybe the majority of us have approached it bass-ackwards, and the "right-hand-playing" lefties actually have it dialed in: Fret with your dominant hand!
    Chris Thile is left handed... Just saying...

    I also play right handed, but I am a lefty and although it was akward at first, playing any instrument feels a little akward at first. If you push through it though, I think that having your dominant hand for fretting makes things easier in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Hostetter View Post
    Robert Crumb, who's quite a good mandolin player, plays all the string instruments he plays (guitar, tenor banjo, mandolin, fiddle, ukulele, etc.) strung right but played lefty:]
    I didn't know this until a couple hours ago Eden B. of the East River String Band (she and husband John Heneghan play with Crumb a lot) posted this clip on facebook from their France "vacation." I knew he played lefty, but not that his mandolin was strung righty. Also, this close-up view shows he favors upstrokes. My overall philosophy in this and many matters is whatever works, works.
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    Hey JB, the link doesn't work. I'm guessing the security on the FB video is set to friends only.
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    Brian Burns of "Out of the Desert" (Las Vegas) plays right handed mandolins (and other instruments) left-handed and does an amazing job.
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    Look up Sierra Hull playing my lafferty cedar deluxe on YouTube, and check out the third soloist (I think) he's playing an upside down mando (they play Jerusalem Ridge)
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