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Thread: Best electronic tuner I've ever had...

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    As positive as some of the posts here have been on the Intellitouch tuners, I've never been quite satisfied with the sensitivity when I've used it on my Sam Bush...been doing some research and several other players recommended the Guyatone's very small, light, and so far, extremely sticks to the side at the scroll curve with some sort of adhesive pad...not the gummy stuff, more like a static cling window mine from First Quality - ordered Wednesday arrived Friday...for what it's worth...

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    A word of warning in case you don't know. That static cling stuff can have plasticizers in it that can damage lacquer. Probably better not leave it stuck to the mando all the time.
    I'm told that some company used to sell static cling clear pick guards for guitars and a lot of guitar finishes got damaged.

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    Guess you've never used a Peterson Virtual Strobe.

    Not small, but unbelievably accurate.

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