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Thread: Answer the Call -- Ralph Stanley

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    Default Answer the Call -- Ralph Stanley

    Hi all,

    Our Bluegrass group is playing "Answer the Call" by Ralph Stanley for Easter. Does anyone have the lyrics? I can't quite get the second verse from listening to Stanley.

    Also any tabs or licks would be great. We can figure out stuff on our own but if someone already has stuff worked out, it would be great to look at.


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    Default Re: Answer the Call -- Ralph Stanley

    2nd verse:

    You said Lord when you left us, you decended and went away. Fear not and be faithful for I'll return some day.

    “Sharps/Flats” “Accidentals”

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    Default Re: Answer the Call -- Ralph Stanley

    Thanks. That makes more sense than what I was coming up with which was something about a hearse coming some day!


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