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Thread: Dandy Loar in the Ads

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    Default Dandy Loar in the Ads


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    Default Re: Dandy Loar in the Ads

    Who's gonna man (or woman) up and buy it?

    I wish I had the money to afford something like this. Although... If I did I imagine the Mrs. would appropriate it towards something insignificant like paying off student debt or buying a house. One can dream...

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    Default Re: Dandy Loar in the Ads

    Elderly has 3, Gruhn has 1, this one in the classifieds, there's bound to be one or two for sale privately.........lots to choose from if you're a Loar buyer. The prices seem a bit ambitious though. Some dealers don't seem to realize that the economy still ain't what it used to be. I talked to one last week about a guitar that they've had on clearance for over 5 months now. Come to find out they've had that guitar in the shop for over 4 years!! But I couldn't get them to budge one dollar on the price. Wouldn't even through in free shipping. Maybe business is still good enough that they don't "need" to sell.

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    If they lower the price on one then they've lowered the prices and maybe they can't get them back up again. Vintage and used stuff is on consignment a lot of the time and since they're not out anything except space and the owner of the instrument to some extent is dictating the price there is no incentive to drop the price. If it's really cool there is some prestige to just have it there. One of them will break ranks eventually when they can't pay bills. They can and always have discounted new stuff. Pretty standard to walk out of a music store with 20% off what the hang tag said.
    I find the same thing. I've been paying visits to some instruments that I would like to have but can't afford and some of them have been sitting for a least a couple of years. Thing is that more times than not after a few visits I can come up with reasons why not to buy it.

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    I think this is 73677
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