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Thread: JBoliver pancake model?? Anyone got one?

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    Default JBoliver pancake model?? Anyone got one?

    Is anyone here familar with the J Boliver pancake as shown here?:
    Also, anyone ever dealt with the Mando Shop?

    I like the pancakes and am thinking of upgrading my cheapo Savannah. Any experience with these models and this dealer would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: JBoliver pancake model?? Anyone got one?

    I'm glad you brought this up. I recall the roll out some months back but never heard that they were in the hands of dealers.

    Kyle at The Mando shop is top drawer. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a mando from him.

    Almost forgot; I own a JBovier electric mando. It is very well constructed and a pleasure to play.

    As for the pancake, I can't believe that I am suddenly serious about buying another mandolin.

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